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About Us

We commit to have an open line of communication with our clients at all times.

Our Mission

At Peiffer Custom Homes, we believe that in order to have a successful project all parties need to have a level of trust that is unsurpassed. From clients to architects, plumbers to painters, we establish and maintain relationships built on trust and respect. We are committed to gaining the trust of each client through a totally transparent process, and keeping them fully informed from inception to completion.

Our Commitment to You

We commit to have an open line of communication with our clients at all times. You can expect complete honesty at every turn. We will continue to use the latest building materials, methods, and technology as that is what has established us as a leader in industry standards. These promises coupled with hard work, craftsmanship, loyalty, and integrity, are our unending commitment to you.


Greg Peiffer graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1993. After graduation Greg traveled the world in search of the unknown. He felt a passion for learning about the variety of cultures and seeing how they lived. This sparked an unending desire to help those in need. Greg has participated in mission trips around the world in places like Mozambique, Africa where he assisted in building homes for those who had been without.

Greg has brought that same passion and desire to help others achieve their home-building dreams in Central Texas. Greg understands that his customers have a budget, and he insures that they can have that dream while maintaining their financial goals. Greg’s reputation, in all facets of his life, is based on his ethics, integrity and honesty. He communicates with his clients each step of the way and is involved in every aspect of the home-building process. Most importantly, Greg maintains a strong relationship and bond with his homeowners, long after he hands them their keys.

Greg Peiffer is a family man who knows that a house is much more than brick and mortar; it is a home filled with love and memories. Peiffer Custom Homes knows that these feelings are planted, grow and bloom before the first brick is laid. Rest easy knowing that Greg will put you, your family and your experience first.

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