Peiffer Custom Homes

Brandon and Emilee

We moved to Georgetown in the summer of 2012 and began looking for a home approximately 6 months beforehand. We were relatively underwhelmed by most of the previously owned homes in Georgetown that were within our price range, so at the suggestion of Rina Peiffer we began looking in to new construction homes. One of the (but not the) first homes we saw was a Peiffer Custom (model) Home, and we were immediately impressed by the attention to detail and the finer craftsmanship than we had previous experienced in the area with several builders. From the moulding to the lights to the bathroom fixtures, it was apparent that PCH’s primary objective was quality home-building rather than fabricating every day, run of the mill cookie cutter homes. But alas, there are testimonials, and there are Testimonials–this being the latter. One could elaborate for pages on the finer works of PCH, the superior materials, the genuine concern and pride in a fantastic product, but that would not really capture what PCH is entirely about–and what makes them truly a class act.

After we decided to build our home, we had the good fortune to find a perfect lot-over an acre in a developed, yet not crowded location. The lot had been for sale for approximately one year, next to a model home, and many other homes built by another local builder. When Greg inquired to that particular builder about the area and particulars, he mentioned he had a client interested in that particular lot. Much to our shock and dismay when Rina called the listing agent not a few hours later, the agent said that the lot had an offer on it–made by the same builder that Greg spoke with only moments before. The same builder who sat next to the empty for-sale lot for many, many months. Needless to say, we all felt genuinely undercut and disappointed by this, and a lesser company (realize I am speaking highly of both PCH and Bella Casa at this point) would have called it a day–c’est la vie. However, Greg and Rina Peiffer personally spoke with the listing agent and explained the situation and made an offer–in cash–for the property and closed that day! They then rolled the cost of the lot (no profit) into the selling price of the home and the rest is history, so to speak.

At that point I think we realized that PCH (and Bella Casa) were a different brand of real estate: a personal, caring, and considerate brand. Our spectacular home was completed in no less than about four months from start to move in, and being naturally curious, we began looking at different homes in the neighborhood and area. I can, without any hesitation, say that the quality home we have in PCH hands down surpasses any of the homes in the local area. To this day, our neighborhood is quite a bit more developed and there are several builders whom have built here. However, the four homes that are PCH are hands down the most well built, more desirable, and classiest of them all. This is an observation made not by us, but friends and family alike, blinded to which homes were PCH and which were not. Consistently, we hear compliments on our house, and “this house” and “that house” all of which are Peiffer Homes, not the other myriad of builders in the neighborhood.

Lastly, as will happen, we have had some hiccups–issues with the septic system, issues with paint, with this and with that–but this is where the true value of a builder like Peiffer Custom Homes is truly unbeatable. The pride and consideration that Greg takes in his homes translates into unyielding customer service and attention to detail, even now 2 years later. He will not hesitate to correct ANY issue with the home, and will do it promptly, efficiently, and without second thought. I have NEVER heard of any builder providing anywhere near the level of care and concern for his clients.

In essence, what Peiffer Custom Homes means to us is: unequaled quality, class, dedication, pride, and (even years later) more importantly, friendship. We could not be happier with our choice of builders and will continue to recommend PCH to anyone we know whom is looking for a new home.