Peiffer Custom Homes

James and Susan Dohert

There are three or four things you look for when building a home or adding a major addition and Greg Peiffer and his team excel in each of them. We had a new garage, outdoor kitchen and office added to our home in Georgetown by Greg and his team.

A) Professional: Greg and his team were not only professional in each phase of our construction but each of the sub contractors that worked on Greg’s team took the time to explain what they would be doing and answer any questions we had. This is not the norm and was greatly appreciated.

B) Flexibility: We had several changes to our initial plans during construction and Greg and his team worked through each of them with us. Several of the items Greg had his team implement with not additional charges to us. A couple we split the cost on and one or two which were clearly in our court we paid for. The important lesson here is that Greg would sit down with us and as a team we would walk through each of them and come to consensus on.

C) Finish On Time: Greg’s team jumped through hoops and finished three weeks ahead of schedule on our project to help us be prepared for an family gathering. This required Greg and his team to go the extra mile for us. We did not and should not have expected this kind of treatment but we shared with Greg and his team our situation and they said let us see what we can do. The results were amazing to watch and gave us that “he really does care” feeling. We would have been happy whether they would have been able to accomplish the task or not, just based on the effort they put into it, but needless to say when it all came together we were thrilled.

D) Detail Oriented: In a major project it is the details that cause problems. Greg and his team prevented several things which no plan can foresee and brought us options to resolve them. Things that seem small but can make a big difference. In our case the backing behind our grill in our outdoor kitchen was originally to be stone, when Greg pointed out that it would stain over time from smoke he brought us a new design with inlaid tile which washes easy and looked great. It’s the small things in the end that make a project.

E) Cost Breakdown: Greg and his teams straight forward cost breakdowns for us gave us confidence and re-affirmed his integrity to my wife and I. My Dad used to tell me you won’t work for nothing, don’t expect others to! Greg and his teams straight forward cost model was indeed a breath of fresh air compared to other builders we have used in the past.

So to sum it all up if you want a custom home building professional that is flexible, professional and completes his work on time Greg and his team at Peiffer Custom home is your team.